Your Special Day

It is your special day and we want to make it perfect for you.

Speeches and Announcements

If you are having speeches, just let us know and you can have a good quality radio microphone ready and waiting for you on the top table.

radio mic for speechesYour DJ will liase with you and make an announcement five minutes prior to the "Cutting of the Cake" and the "First Dance."

This will provide sufficient notice for your professional photographer or video maker to be in their places. No doubt your wedding guests will also want to record the event for posterity !

Of course if, for any reason, you prefer not to have a first dance or cut the cake, that is absolutely fine with us.

If you are planning to have an evening buffet at your reception, tell us when this is due to take place and we can make announcements for you accordingly.


Wedding Music

As the bride and groom, you have complete control over ALL the music .. the first dance, the last dance and everything in between.

If there are certain tracks, or a type of music that you would particularly like us to play, you can let us know. Similarly but perhaps more importantly, you can tell us if there is anything that you would like us to avoid.

Good preparation (and never forgetting that it is your wedding reception, not ours ) is the key to success. Therefore you will receive a personalised music request and dedication form from us as part of your wedding information pack.

Click here to request yours now!

First Dance

wedding coupleWe will discuss the timing of your first dance and check whether you would prefer to have the dancefloor entirely to yourselves or have close friends and relatives join in halfway through.

If you are struggling to think of a perfect song for your opening dance, we can make some recommendations or you choose from a selection of songs which, according to a recent poll, are the UK's most requested.


Practice Makes Perfect

In the same way that you always have a rehearsal for a church wedding, it is a very good idea to practise your opening dance a few times in advance.

Make sure that your chosen track is neither too slow or too fast for you. Think also about the length of the song. If it is very long, would you like the DJ perhaps to skip the intro ? Alternatively he could maybe fade the song out at an appropriate point before the end or on your signal.

If you are inviting people to join you on the dancefloor halfway through, you will get a far better response if you pick a well-known song with which everybody is familiar.

If you pick an obscure track, it is more likely that only you and a small handful of guests will join in.

The timing of the first dance is also quite important. If you have it too early ie before your evening guests have had a chance to arrive, have a chat and a couple of drinks, the likelyhood is that they won't be ready to dance for more than a couple of songs.

If you are worried, we have many years experience and can guide you if you wish.

However, the final decision is, of course .... entirely yours !

The End of the Night

You are welcome to specify the last romantic dance of the night and also the final song. You can also advise whether you have a particular preference for the various ways in which your evening can be drawn to a successful and memorable close ...

You could have a traditional wedding arch or you may prefer 2 lines of party guests with the men in one line and the women in the other.

Another alternative is to ask your wedding guests to form a circle, with the you and your new spouse in the centre.

Any of these variations can easily be arranged by your DJ or the two of you can just be sent happily on your way with a simple "Three Cheers," followed by a resounding round of applause!

Finally, if the bride wishes to "toss her bouquet", "remove a garter" etc we can help coordinate these old wedding traditions to best effect.

Please feel free to discuss your ideas with us.

Getting a Quote

Particularly with weddings when, as you have read above, there are quite a few options to consider, we would much prefer to discuss your requirements with you in person over the phone.

If you call, you will be speaking directly to one of the five wedding deejays. They can instantly check availability, answer all your questions about both the music and disco and of course give you prices for a range of dates, timings and options.

However, if you prefer to receive a quick quote by email just click here with all the relevant details.

We will get back to you with a quote ASAP.