Fancy Something Exciting and Different for Your Next Office Party? ~ How About a Quiz Night?

Pink SquareEveryone will pat you on the back for organising such a successful evening !

Pink SquareLight-hearted fun, not a dull intellectual challenge.

Pink SquareWe provide everything you need, so you, the organiser, can completely relax and join in the fun too !

Pink SquareEverybody wins because the difficulty of the questions is pitched at a level that ALL can enjoy.

Pink SquareMusic , general knowledge or a combination of both - You decide !

Pink Square You can choose categories too, if you wish but can always count on our help and advice for what usually works best.

Pink SquareThe Quiz can be a stand-alone event or combined with a Disco or Karaoke.


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What's Our Secret Formula?

It's simple really ...In every round, most people will get at least half the questions correct.

Another couple will be slightly more tricky and one or two will be squarely aimed at the “experts”.

Most fun of all are the occasional trick questions where you will kick yourself and probably your team members too, for getting it wrong !


Quiz JokerAll teams are issued with a JOKER which the team captain plays immediately before the start of what they think is going to be their strongest round. The points scored in that round are then doubled!


The quiz can either be a completely "level playing field" or, at the organiser's discretion, managers and directors teams are sometimes slightly handicapped by not issuing them with a JOKER.

Conversely, very young teams can be helped a bit by giving them 2 JOKERS.


How Much Do Your Quizzes Cost?

The price for your corporate quiz depends on the night of the week, time of year, location, duration and of course, whether you have a stand-alone quiz, or combine it with a Disco or Karaoke.

Our experienced, professional quizmasters cover the whole of London plus Essex, Kent, Herts, Surrey and Berkshire.

Most quizzes contain between 8 and 10 rounds and last approximately 2 – 2½ hours - longer if you have a buffet halfway through the evening

However, you can vary the length, either in advance, or on the night itself, according to your preference and the time available.quiz teams competing

We supply an excellent sound system, so the questions can be clearly heard with background music as teams arrive and during the lively "post mortem" after the quiz.

Picture boards, lyric sheets, pens, pre-printed answer sheets and even some scrap paper.

A small booby prize for the team that comes "second to last" or the one with the "best team name".


Quiz Round Suggestions

Every time we do a quiz, we make a particular effort to find out the age range, gender and interests of the participants. We offer Music or General Knowledge quizzes and needless to say, if you opt for the latter, it will always include a music round.

Getting a Quote

Particularly with quizzes, when there are quite a few options to consider, we would much prefer to discuss your requirements with you in person over the phone.

If you call, you will be speaking directly to one of the five deejays/quizmasters. They can instantly check availability, answer all your questions about both karaoke and disco and give you prices for a range of dates, timings and options.

However, if you prefer to receive a quick quote by email just click here with all the relevant details and your preferred option.

We will get back to you with a quote ASAP.